R3 & Quite Danko – “Central $hit” [Trap//Hip-Hop]

So I’ve heard a few of Quite Danko‘s tunes so far, and I’ve been very impressed. In fact, I’m kind of sorry it’s taken me so long to get one of his tracks up. But this new one he did with fellow producer R3 was simply to irresistible. See what I like about both these guys have been trap producers since the beginning (well since the beginning of their Soundclouds at least). My point being, these guys didn’t all of a sudden just start making tap because people started hearing and playing it everywhere. I think for most people, the 808 snare is often the most appealing part of the typical trap tune; although, I’m sure a good amount could argue the same about the deep bass trap songs provide. But in the case of this tune, I’m going to plead in the case of the snare, because this track has some of the smoothest knocks and rattles I’ve heard in a trap song yet. Enjoy!

Quite Danko - Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

R3 - Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter


R3 & Quite Danko - “Central $hit”

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